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Real Feedback From Other Callers

She told me I'd here back from AF something in mid to late April - and I did receive via email yesterday 4-15-19. It was as she said more info in a fashion. Also saw him at base today and indeed he was. I've been speaking to her for years and will continue to do so. Helpful in navigating things and making informed decisions for best results. Thanks!
~ meg

Amazing she did a really good job with the reading she gave me a great Insight on what I was asking and what I was looking for. I really appreciate all of the effort and helping me solve this issue that I have or challenge that I have. Thank you again for all of your support and all of your help and helping me come to a better decision
~ lyn83

Krista is just amazing and awesome!!! She is so empathetic, and can read everything to a T. For the non believers i say try and speak with her once and you will see the fantastic results for yourself.
~ Amishi

Thank you again Krista. I called her to discuss my job situation and am waiting to see things unfold as she saw. I spoke to her about my family about a month back and all that she had said has come true. Thanks once again.
~ hk71

Real deal. Krista predicted two months ago I would land a job that the previous employee gave one month's notice to and they would wait til she is gone before bringing me on board because they want to train me themselves. She totally got the details right and the job is what she said. She is the REAL deal.
~ ladyv135

~ Finallyfound

In a past conversation Krista picked up on that a certain person had made a decision that brought her and her partner closer together, such as moving in together. I did believe that was so, but could not confirm right away. I then found out that her and her boyfriend had become engaged. Krista has done that a couple of times, where she will share some information that I know nothing of, and then I find out about it later. I like her personality and style of reading. Fun and upbeat.
~ friendlyboo

Jaw-droppingly good. Krista is able to read your soul. She said so many things that resonated deeply. She helped me reconsider some long-held beliefs that have been holding me back in life, some negative thought patterns that have been damaging my self-esteem and hurting my relationships. You know when someone says something and your soul just recognizes it as true? That's what Krista is able to do. And she's such a warm-hearted spirit. I feel like a new person after talking to her.
~ Member763753


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