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Fraud in The Psychic World

Unfortunately, the psychic world has been infected with the same unscrupulous people we find in almost all other businesses. There are many "fake" psychics out there who will tell you what you want to hear so they can take advantage of you.

A psychic reading is meant to help guide you so you can make the best choices in your life, and hopefully, lead a more fulfilling and happy life.

The best judge of what is good for you is yourself.

Here are some guidelines that will let you know if the advisor you have chosen is putting you on or if they are actually psychic.

Have they asked you a lot of questions needing details about your situation? If they only ask you yes and no questions, that's okay. They are making sure they are interpretting what they see correctly and you're giving them confirmation.

Have they asked you for your birth date? If you aren't getting an astrological report or a numerology and color analysis, they don't need your birth date. It's too easy to give someone having a difficult time emotionally a few facts about their astroligical sign or numerology to get them to believe they have found a real psychic.

There is an exception to this...some psychics will ask for your birth date to get the vibrations of the numbers it contains to give you a character profile. It all depends on what kind of reading you are looking for.

Have they asked you to call back so they can meditate on your problem or issue? Don't bother, they are milking you for your money.

Have they asked you to wait for them to meditate or do a healing while you're on the phone paying by the minute? Hang up!! Once again, they are just running the clock.

Have they asked you to wire them money so they can pray for you? They are just praying you send the money.

Have they asked you to send money to rent space in a church to light you candles? How many churches have you ever heard of will rent space to a paritioner for candle lighting or prayer?

Have they read a few positive things for you then said..."but there is a dark cloud around you"...and none of this will happen if you don't send them money for them to remove this negative energy?

Don't be afraid to end a call or go to someone else. These people ruin the credibility of honest psychics and make it difficult for everyone.

Please keep in mind that your search for a psychic reader has to be done with an open heart. An instance where you may make an error is by trying to "test" a psychic. All readers have their own style and gifts. Not all our gifts work the same way. If you call or write to a psychic for a reading and give them a different name or tell them they are wrong when they are actually getting events correctly, it throws everything off and you will not get a good reading.

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